Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Managing your Phone's Battery #69

This episode was streamed live on February 7, 2016. This month, while we've been visiting beautiful places in Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia - it has been so important to keep our phones charged! We don't want to miss any of those photos! This episode is about understanding what is using your battery and how to keep it going longer. You will learn how to find out what is using your battery and what external batteries we recommend. 

It's your choice to use your battery less, or get more batteries! You'll learn both in this encore episode of What Does This Button Do? 
      1. Tip of the day: Android Touch Key Lights, iPhone Flashlight
      2. Beginner’s Lesson: Managing your Battery
      3. App of the day: NFL
      For Geeks on tour members, here are the detailed show notes with links for episode 69,

      Review Questions:

      1. Name 3 of the 5 Radios in a Smartphone
      2. How do you turn all radios off at once?
      3. T/F You should always drain the battery completely before charging
      4. To see what Apps are using battery, you can go to Settings and then ___________________
      5. For most people, the biggest user of battery is _______________________
      6. T/F Keeping your system and Apps up to date will help with greater battery life

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