Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to use Location Services on your smartphone #81

This episode was streamed live on May 15, 2016. It is about the fact that smartphones have GPS capabilities built in. They know where you are. That means they can answer questions like: Where am I? Where is my phone? Where are my friends? Tell my friends where I am! Where was this photo taken? and more.

We think this is a very important feature of smartphones. If you are a traveler especially, understanding your phone's location services is critical.

Learn to use your phone's location capabilities in this encore episode of What Does This Button Do?
      1. Tip of the day: Taking Screen Shots
      2. Beginner’s Lesson: Location Services
      3. App of the day: Dark Sky
      For Geeks on tour members, here are the detailed show notes with links for episode 81,

      Review Questions

      1.T/F: Anyone can track your exact whereabouts if you’re carrying a cellphone – just like on TV (NCIS, Hawaii Five O etc.)
      2.When using Location services, you will consume a lot of:
      1. _Battery_____________ 2. _Data_____________________
      3.To use the “Find my Friends” app that comes with your iPhone, your friend must accept your invitation and use: ________________________.
      4.T/F: You need to download an App before you can locate a lost phone.
      5.For photos to be “geotagged” you need to turn on the location tag setting where?

      6.If Locations Services are turned off, you can use the Map, but you won’t know ______________________.

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