Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Touchscreen Essentials #99

This episode was streamed live on November 6, 2016. It is about the very basics of using a smartphone ... how to touch the screen. There's more to it than you might think. There's touch, double-touch, long-touch, one finger, two fingers and more. Every different technique produces a different result. And if you have an iPhone 6+ or higher, there's 3D touch!
This is one of the episodes we recommend for true beginners. See the full list on the menu above for Beginners!. Actually, we think everybody should watch it. Even if you use your phone all the time, you will pick up some tips.
Learn your phone's touchscreen essentials in this encore episode of What Does This Button Do?
      1. Tip of the day: Chris' New iPhone 7Plus
      2. Beginner’s Lesson: Touchscreen Essentials
      3. App of the day: CCleaner
      For Geeks on tour members, here are the detailed show notes with links for episode 99,

      Review Questions

      1. What you call ‘click’ with a mouse, we call _______ on a touchscreen.
      2. On a touchscreen, what is the equivalent of a mouse right-click?
      3. T/F: If your tap doesn’t have any effect, tap harder!
      4. When we say ‘zoom’ we mean to touch 2 fingers to the screen and do what?
      5. T/F: Double-tap will always enlarge what you see on the screen.
      6. What does 3-D touch mean?

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