Sunday, May 7, 2017

#116 Google Photos, My Favorite Things

This episode was streamed live on April 30, 2017. We webcast from the conference center at River Plantation RV park in Sevierville, TN. We were there for a SKP ACRE rally, so we presented in front of a live studio audience! Geeks on Tour members can view the Show Notes here.
Why do we think Google Photos is so great? This episode demonstrates the 7 features that are Chris' favorites. We also give a tip and an App of the week, and we're in front of a Live Studio Audience!
  1. Lifetime of Photos on Any Connected Device
  2. Search AND Find!
  3. Albums to Share
  4. Simple Editing
  5. WOW Editing with Snapseed
  6. Movies, Animations
  7. Navigate to Photo

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