Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#115 Smartphone Camera vs DSLR, Can we leave the big camera behind?

This episode was streamed live on April 23, 2016. It is all about cameras. A big, expensive, DSLR camera like Chris' Canon Rebel T3i admittedly takes better pictures in some situations, but is it enough to warrant lugging it around? What are some tips and tricks to making better pictures with your smartphone How valuable is it to be able to edit photos and share immediately from your phone, vs. needing a computer for your DSLR.  
All this is discussed in this episode of What Does This Button Do? We continue the discussiion started at the Grand Canyon. Here's the live video of us at the Grand Canyon. And here is the photo album: Grand Canyon Railway and the National Park

      1. Tip of the day: When your smartphone loses your location
      2. Beginner’s Lesson: Smartphone Camera vs DSLR
      3. App of the day: Google Earth
      Here are the Show Notes for Geeks on Tour Members: #115 w/Notes and Links (lots of extra links to info and videos in this one!)

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