Below are links to specific timeline locations in our What Does This Button Do? shows. These are highlights to give you the idea of what you would learn if you decided to regularly attend our Free Weekly Web Class.
  1. Adding Text to a Photo with Google Photos & Snapseed
  2. Turn on Setting to Find your Android Device 1 min
  3. How to take a Screenshot
  4. Using a Wireless Flash Drive to Extend the Storage of your Phone or Tablet
  5. Explanation of "The Cloud"
  6. Magnifying Glass
  7. iPhone/iPad - Longpress tricks with keyboard
  8. Transferring Photos by "Bumping" devices
  9. Android - using Longpress for Copy and Paste
  10. Google Maps - Beginner's Lesson
  11. *Multitasking: Using Calendar or Contacts while On a Phone Call
  12. Time Lapse Video aka Fast Motion
  13. Longpress for Facebook Reactions
  14. Printing from iPhone to Airprint Printer +
  15. Editing photos on phone with Snapseed
  16. Discussion of LastPass Password manager
  17. Password Guidelines and tips
  18. Upload photos from computer to Google Photos
  19. What is Data and how much do I need?
  20. Using Advanced Filtering on Allstays Camp&RV to See all Thousand Trails, or other membership parks.
  21. Setting Screen timeouts and Lock screen passcodes (iOS 6 mins, Android 3 min)
  22. Adding a Photo to a Contact when you don't have a photo!
  23. Google Photos: Upload from Computer directly to an Album
  24. Clearing space on iPhone by deleting the deleted photos.
  25. iPhone/iPad: Alphabetize icons on home screen by resetting
  26. Showing Emergency Contact info on Lock Screen
  27. Google Photos: Searching and People <4min
  28. Why Google Photos? Discussion with Phil May (6 min)
  29. Contacts stay in Sync with Google Account, Demo on Android (5 minutes)
    Demo on iPhone (2.5 minutes)
  30. Email Sync w/Gmail (3min)
  31. Dictate to your phone, it will transcribe 1 min
  32. Geotagging Photos Android 1.5 min Apple 1.5 min
  33. Quick Swype demo 
  34. Airplane mode and data usage
  35. Gas Buddy App
  36. Navigate to a Photo (1 min)
  37. Finding a Lost Phone: iPhone, Android
  38. Demo of Synchronized Email, Photos, Calendar
  39. Cellular Connection Speeds  App: Ookla Speedtest
  40. Google Maps: Download maps for offline use
  41. Google Maps: Add a Waypoint
  42. Making a Photo Book with Google Photos
  43. What are Albums? Google Photos
  44. Accounts and Passwords
  45. Instantly map your Photo Albums
  46. How to get your Google Search Widget on an Android phone
  47. Scan documents to .pdf with Google Drive widget
  48. Multiple Users on Android device
  49. Voice Control "take a selfie" on any phone
  50. Can I do my banking using a public Wi-Fi Hotspot? w/Chris and Cherie of MobileInternetInfo.com

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