If you just got your first phone or tablet - either iPhone or Android - where do you start?!
The main segment of every What Does This Button Do? show is called a "Beginner's Lesson." But, we've done 100 shows now ... some are more "Beginner" than others!
We've made this list for you! These are the episodes that are the most important for Beginners. Watch them one after the other and you'll be mastering your device in no time! The links take you to Youtube Videos.
  1. #66 How Do I Learn Smartphone Basics?
    We recommend you watch the whole 45 minute show. To just see the iPhone lesson, start at 10:15, end at 22:31. To just see the Android lesson, start at 22:39 to 34:00
  2. #99 Touchscreen Essentials
  3. #63 Connecting to the Internet with Cellular OR Wi-Fi
  4. #7 Using the Onscreen Keyboard
  5. #1 The Home Button
  6. #2 Settings for Sleep and Lock
  7. #86 Freeing up Space on your Device (what are Gigabytes, what is cloud storage)
  8. #79 How do I Back up my Phone: Cloud, Upload/Download, Sync, Show Notes
  9. #101 How to Set up a New Phone  

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