Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Facebook on Mobile Devices - tips and tricks #91

This episode was streamed live on August 21, 2016. More and more, people are using Facebook their phones and tablets. Some people have never even seen Facebook on a computer, and yet much of the instruction on Facebook is using computers. This episode is about using Facebook. First using an iPad, then using an Android phone, we demonstrate:
  1. How to see a newsfeed with no ads
  2. How to unFOLLOW instead of unFRIEND
  3. Recent posts newsfeed instead of top posts
  4. Control individual items with the "mighty mini" arrow
  5. Save items for later
  6. Stop auto-playing of videos
We also give some tips on security, including how to prevent the bad guys from posing as you and sending friend requests to all your friends. You'll learn all this and more in this encore episode of What Does This Button Do? 
      1. Tip of the day: Edit photos with Google Photos
      2. Beginner’s Lesson: Facebook Tips
      3. App of the day: Duo
      For Geeks on tour members, here are the detailed show notes with links for episode 91,

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