Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Web Browsing on Mobile Devices #28

We didn't do a live show this week, so we searched thru our archives for something useful and came up with Episode 28 which originally streamed live on January 25, 2015. There are some really useful tips and the Beginner's Lesson is just as valid today as it was then. In fact, by watching it I learned some things I had forgotten! After watching it, how did you do with the review questions? Leave us comments ok? The show starts with some talk and videos of where we were at the time in Quartzsite AZ. To see the original videos, click here. To skip the opening, go to the 6min 40 second point.
  1. Quick Tips: Icon Glossary, Emailing your Lat/Lon location. 
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Web Browsing 
  3. App o Week: TuneIn Radio 
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Review Questions:
1.To Browse to a website, you need a browser: Name 2
2.You can have several websites open at one time in different _________.
3.How can you go directly to a website rather than getting search results?
4.How can you save a website as an icon on your home screen – like an app?
5.Bookmarks are most useful for websites that you use All the time? Or Occasionally?

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