Wednesday, January 25, 2017

#107 Grab Bag of Smartphone Tips

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  • Opening Tip: Highlights from past shows at
  • Beginner’s Lesson: Grab Bag of Tips, including:
    2-Step Verification, iPhone emoji keyboard, Finding your AppleID, Take a picture with Vol button on phone or earbuds, Save Photo from Text message
  • Closing App: Google Home App
  • Show Notes for Members
Bonus: See Jim's video of a day scuba diving on the Lady Luck, a wreck off Fort Lauderdale.

We had a little technical difficulty with this episode and had to cut out a portion with echo. So we made a video for one tip that was cut, how to save a photo received in a text message.

Review Questions:
  1. The best technique to keep your email account safe and secure is to turn on what? _______________________________
  2. The volume button on your phone can double as a ________________________
  3. To find the username for your AppleID go to Settings, then:
    a. Control Center   b. Touch ID  c. iTunes & App Store
  4. To find the username for your Google account on Android go to Settings, then:
    a. Accounts    b. Security   c. Lock Screen
  5. To save a photo received by text message takes two steps. The first step is: ____________________
  6. An emoji is _____________________________
  7. If a saved photo does not show up in Google Photos, check your settings under
    a. Permissions    b. Device Folders    c. Assistant

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