Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#102 Using Smartphones to Learn Anything! Guest: Roger "Hurricane" Wilson

This episode was live on Sunday, November 27. To be notified of live shows, subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  • Opening Tip: Smartphone Camera, Manual Focusing: Learn how to set focus where you want it using the camera on your iPhone or Android device.  Here's our separate video just on focusing your camera:
  • Beginner’s Lesson: Using Smartphone to Learn, Guest Roger “Hurricane” Wilson: instead of learning to use your smartphone or tablet. This time we're using smartphones to learn! You can learn technology from Geeks on Tour videos and you can learn to play guitar from our guest's videos. We also demonstrate how you can find videos to learn anything at all on Youtube.
  • Ending Tip/App: Focus, AppBlock, Pedometer

Special treat! Roger "Hurricane" Wilson playing the unofficial RV National Anthem: Home Sweet Home in my RV.
And, here's a version compiled by GoneWithTheWynns:

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