Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#101 Setting up a New Smartphone

Episode 101 was live on Sunday, Nov 20, 2016. Our Beginner's lesson was about setting up a new phone the Geek's way! We think you should use your Google account to store all your contacts and pictures. If you set it up that way in the beginning, then you'll never have to worry about losing your phone, or having to get another one, or even switching from Apple to Android or vice versa!
In addition to the Beginner's Lesson we have a starting tip, and an ending tip. It's like a Learning Sandwich!
  • Google Photos new editing features and "Deep Blue"
  • Beginner's Lesson: Setting up a New Phone
  • Dashcam apps
Show Notes for members are here. If possible, you should print them out so you can mark them up as you watch the show!

Review Questions

1.If you set up a phone to use all Google account stuff, that will work the same on iPhone, Android, and computer. We call that ________________________
2.T/F: If you store contacts in your Google account you can view them on a computer as well as your phone and tablet.
3.If you set up Google photos, every picture you take will be stored where?
4.T/F: It is a requirement that you have a password to unlock your phone.
5. On an iPhone, you must have an Apple ID. On an Android phone you must have _____________________.

Bonus Video!

During the show (above) we showed how to set up "Speed Dial" on an Android phone.
Here is a short video on how to set up "Speed Dials" on an iPhone.

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