Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#100 Using OneDrive on Mobile

Episode 100 was live on Sunday, Nov 13, 2016. We had a bit of a sound problem in the middle and had to bail out of one live stream and start another :-( But, we did it, and the two pieces were edited back together in order to post here. In this episode you will learn:
  • How to Force Quit an App
  • What is OneDrive and how does it work on an iPhone or Android device?
    OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage service to give you access to all your computer files on any device. You can also use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for free by going to or installing the Apps on your mobile devices.
  • What is Wink Home Automation

Review Questions;

  1. How much free storage do you get with OneDrive?
  2. What account do you need to work with OneDrive?
  3. What App do you need in order to edit a spreadsheet on your phone?
  4. If you create a document on your computer, how do you see it on your iPhone?
  5. What setting will upload your phone’s photos to OneDrive?

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