Wednesday, December 7, 2016

#103 Scanning QR Codes

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  • Opening Tip: Photo editing with Snapseed. The Healing tool will erase blemishes and other unwanted item in a photo
  • Beginner’s Lesson:Using QR Codes – scanning them and making them
  • Ending Tip/App: RVillage

We had some bandwidth issues in this episode. These 2 short, pre-recorded videos will help:

Can you answer these review questions? Please leave comments below.
  1. To scan a QR code, you need a mobile device, an app for scanning codes and _____________________________
  2. A QR code is a link to a web page, that’s all. True   False
  3. In addition to scanning a printed code, some scanning apps can scan from a _______________
  4. What app did Chris use to create a QR code for a location map? _____________________________
  5. In Geeks on Tour materials, QR codes are used to _________________
  6. What app did Chris use to erase an ugly sign out of a photo? ____________________________

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