Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How do you Right-Click on a Touch Screen? #75

This episode of What Does This Button Do was streamed live on March 27, 2016. 
LongPress on a touch screen is like a Right-Click. LongPress means the same thing as Touch and Hold. It’s not pushing on the screen, just touch the screen then leave your finger touching the screen and see if something happens. In this encore episode, you will learn a lot of tricks on both Android and iOS devices using LongPress. From getting special characters on your keyboard, to copy/paste, to saving places on a map and more.
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    1. Tip o Week: Airplane Mode to Test whether an App uses Data
    2. Beginner’s Lesson: How to “Right-Click” on your Smartphone
    3. App o week: Drippler

  1. When you touch the screen and hold your finger there, we call that a ______________.
  2. To get the emoji keyboard, do what?
  3. T/F: Everything you can do on a computer with Right-Click can be done on a phone.
  4. To copy text, you must select it first, you do this by _____________________.
  5. Long pressing on a Map will do what? _________________________
  6. Long pressing on an iPhone’s home button will do what? _______________________

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