Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to Scan QR Codes #103

Tutorial Video: Create
a QR Code Map
This episode was streamed live on December 4, 2016.
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You see these funny looking square codes everywhere. If you learn how to scan them with your smartphone (Android or iPhone) you can see what's behind the codes here.
This encore episode will teach you how to do it!
Geeks on Tour members: get your class notes here. Note: due to a current glitch after adding security to the site, you will need to be logged in first, then click the link.
  •   This week’s quick tip: using Snapseed to edit out unwanted parts of a photo
  • This week’s app: RVillage: Connect with other RVers wherever you are.

  • Our connection for this episode was not the best, it gets a little blurry. Here is a direct link to the short video #453 on QR codes

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