Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#109 Apple vs Android with Guest: Mike Wendland

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  • Opening Tip: How to Prevent your Facebook Profile from Being Cloned
    All you have to do is change a setting to make your friend list private and the bad guys can't clone your account and try to contact your friends.
  • Beginner’s Lesson: Apple vs Android, which is Better?
    Mike Wendland is our guest for this show. Mike is a veteran journalist whose video “PC Mike” reports have been distributed weekly to all 215 NBC-TV stations since 1994, making him one of the most experienced tech reporters in the country. He has owned just about every Apple device ever made. You're going to be surprised by what he has to say on our topic today!
  • Closing App: Smart Receipts
    No need to hold on to those important receipts, just snap a photo, enter an amount and category all the work will be done for you.
  • Show Notes for Members

Review Questions

  1. Google’s mobile device operating system is called Android, Apple’s is called ____________.
  2. Which operating system comes on inexpensive phones? __________________
  3. Which type of phone works differently depending on the manufacturer of the phone?
    A. Apple      B. Android
  4. Which type of phone offers better support?
    A. Apple       B. Android
  5. Which type of phone has an always-available Back Button?  How about a Flashlight?
  6. If you like Google Apps, you can use them on both Android and Apple
    ____True     _____False
  7. To learn more from Mike Wendland, visit his websites at: ______________

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