Wednesday, November 15, 2017

128. How to keep your Google Account Safe

Did you know there is one feature - 2-step verification - that is the singlemost important thing you can do to protect your Google account from hackers. It's easy, we'll show you how in this episode. We'll also demonstrate how it works and show you how to change your password as well.
Episode 128 was recorded live on Sunday, Nov 12, 2017.  In this episode you will learn:
  • Tip of the Day: one-finger keyboard typing
  • Photo Edit: Auto correct for white balance
  • Beginner’s Lesson: How to keep your Google Account Safe
  • App of the day: FMCA hotspot plan for Verizon
Geeks on Tour members: get your class notes hereYou might want to print them out and then join with some friends to take the class. Just play the parts of interest to you by using the timeline links in the class notes, pause the video and experiment on your own device. Then take the review questions at the end and see how you did.
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